Residential Security
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If you are considering installing a new security system or just updating your current one, Palladium Security has options for you.  
New security solutions may include your choice of smart home services such as mobile phone app, doorbell cameras, lighting control, front door locks  plus many more option. .  Our solutions can bring all these services to your current system with a simple addition.     

ULC Monitoring Station

Palladium ULC Monitoring Services brings features other monitoring stations charge a premium for.

Why pay more when they are standard services with Palladium Security

Smart Home 

Smart Home Services make your security system more interactive by allowing you to integrate your security system by the simple addition of video doorbells, smart locks, and video solutions accessible from anywhere.  SIMPLE... 

I need a New System

Palladium Security offers home owners many solutions to not only secure their home but also create a safe and smart home environment . Select from our pro line or DIY Options

Upgrade My System

If you have already invested in a home security system and you are looking to add some advanced features, Palladium security can simply update your current system to a new smart home solution.

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