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New Systems

If you are considering a new security system for your home, you can be rest assured that Palladium will put its 27 years of security industry experience to work for you.

Palladium offers the latest in security technology and you can take advantage of the savings and bundles offered exclusively through Palladium Security. 


Palladium ULC Monitoring Services brings features other stations charge for.
Why pay more standard Palladium Features. 

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Smart Home Services can make your security system easier to use while bringing more security to your home.

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Fire detection in any home is a must. Small stove fires can quickly escalate to a fully engulfed house fire. Protect your family and assets with smoke detection

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Carbon Monoxide is known as the silent killer. Installing a monitored carbon monoxide detector will increase the response to a life-threatening gas

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Low Temperature Detectors in your home is a must for people that travel during the winter months. It may even help satisfy your insurance requirements for long term vacancies of your home.

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ULC Monitoring Services

Palladium Security Has Authorized Stations that Operate in 7 separate locations.
Located across Canada, these ULC listed station are linked together at all times to ensure a fail safe system that are each capable of operating in stand-alone mode, or as is normally the case, as part of our inter-connected network

Smart Home Services

Smart Home products come in various forms. Consumers can easily get confused on what products work best for them.

That’s why we decided to help our clients make informed decision. Click on the learn more button below to see what is right for you.  

Smoke Detection

For greater peace-of-mind and security, Palladium Security can include wireless smoke detectors to any existing or new security system for added fire protection.
Your premises can be monitored for smoke detection that will instantly alert your local fire department for quick action as well as call you and/or other contacts. This swift reaction from our authorizes monitoring station can save lives as well as minimize damage.

Carbon Monoxide

Carbon monoxide is not detectable by any of the human senses. This colorless and odorless gas can be fatal when inhaled over a period of time.

CO is found in fumes produced any time you burn fuel in cars or trucks, small engines, stoves, lanterns, grills, fireplaces, gas ranges, or furnaces. CO can build up indoors and poison people and animals who breathe it.

When your body is exposed to high levels of Carbon Monoxide, the outcome will lead to the carbon monoxide to slowly remove oxygen from your system thus causing you to become non responsive. An audible and monitored CO alarm can trigger help to ensure you are moved to fresh air and the home is cleared of any harmful fumes.. 

To Learn more about the effects of Caron Monoxide, Click on the learn more button to read the article from the centers for disease control website. 

Low Temperature Detectors

For greater peace-of-mind and security, Palladium Security can include wireless smoke detectors to any existing or new security system for added fire protection.

One thing people don’t think about when they travel in the winter months is what will happen if my furnace fails while I’m gone? In cold weather climates the chances of a furnace failing is a real issue. While you are enjoying the sun on vacation, the furnace in your home may fail thus causing the water pipes to burst as well as damage to walls and paint. Most of our systems have a low temperature detector built into the keypads.