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Security for my Home

Security for my Business

Smarthome Solutions

Residential Security Systems

Palladium Security can help you find a solution to either update your current security system or install a completely new integrated system in your home.


We understand that every home owner requires different levels of security, so we try not to offer a one-size-fits-all solution. Over the last 25 years, our clients have requested everything from basic door and motion coverage to complete perimeter, interior intrusion detection as well as carbon monoxide and fire detection. With your feedback, we will determine the level of security you require and recommend customized solutions utilizing the best products that will fit your specific requirements for your home and family.  Click on the "New Security System" link below to learn more.


If you already have a system and are thinking of upgrading, schedule an appointment with us and we'll come and inspect your system to determine whether your current system can be simply updated to meet your requirements. In most cases, the current system will be able to have some smart home features added at minimal cost. Click on the "Existing Security Systems" link below to learn more.

Commercial Security Systems

Security Solutions for any business can be more complex and very confusing. The risk factors associated with securing a business goes much further then simply installing a security system to prevent intrusions.

An appropriate security solution of a business also helps owners and managers to:

    1: Reduce shrinkage

    2: Protect loss during operational hours

    3: Protect front line staff against aggressive clients

    4: Protect the company against disgruntled employees

    5: Protection against insurance claims

Palladium Security understands that every business requires a customized security solutions that meets the unique requirements of each individual business.  Following an indepth review of the business premisses along with an understanding of the security related expectations of each specific business, Palladium will provide the business owner with a selection of options/solutions to meet those expectations.   Our security solutions can be as simple as installation of a perimeter protection all the way up to a more advanced integrated solution that encompasses security, access control, closed circuit video, and automation.

If you already have a system and are thinking of upgrading, we can inspect your system to determine whether your security system can be simply updated to meet your specific requirements.  In most cases, we can adapt and add smart home features at minimal cost to your current security system. Click on the Existing system link below form more details.  Click on the Existing system link below form more details.

However, in the event is too antiquated to be upgraded with current technology, we can provide you with a full security proposal featuring the most latest security technology that is capable of encompassing the full spectrum of security services that is currently available.  Click on the new security system link below for more details. 

Smarthome Solutions

Smarthome Security Solutions for your home can be customized to suite your needs. The solutions can be as simple as adding simple automation to light up a pathway when you enter your home to something that will allow you to send video verifications to your smartphone in the event that an alarm has been triggered.

We understand that not all clients require the same level of security and with that in mind, we try to build your Smarthome Solutions in a way that helps simplify your life but not break the vault!