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Palladium Smart Home Solutions

Update your current security system to a smart home system with our simple interface.  We dont require you to change any keypads, door contacts or motions, Just add our interface, download the add and add the smart devices you want. 

Simple as that.  

Use your current system to add Smart Home Features

What systems are supported?

The Palladium Smart Home System consists of many options depending on the system you currently have installed. If you have a DSC Power Series System, we can easily add these services to your system. If you have other manufacturers systems, We can still help with our cellular packages.

What can it do?

All our Smart Home system start with the basic functions of allowing you to remotely arm and disarm the security system via your cell phone. The system then can be expanded to allow you to Control lighting, door locks and cameras. Our internet or cellular connection solutions can create a secure path of communication to the central station, Simple integration for everything you want your Smart home to be.

How do I choose whats good for me ?

Palladium will perform an in-house evaluation to see the capabilities of your security system then offer solutions that fit your requirements. We strive to make the Smart Home experience easy to fit your budget and needs.

What if I dont have a DSC Power Series

Our solutions can be fitted to most security system installed in the last 20 years. This integration helps our client get the smart home experience they want without investing in new security equipment.

Smart Home Features

Security Integration

The traditional security systems use keypads located at the entrance doors and in bedrooms to arm and disarm the alarm.

The Smart Home solution uses any network connected phone or tablet as to perform keypad and home control tasks with a simple app connection. 

Remote VIdeo

Most remote camera systems offered by our competitors use cloud-based technology to store your private security video. These solutions require access to your home network cameras as well as a constant network connection to the cloud.

If your home network fails or is compromised, the camera system may be useless. Our solution streams the video to a local storage device then relays it to your remote devices for viewing. This solution puts less strain on your network and ensures your security footage is saved when needed 

Door Control

Use the video doorbell and automated locking system to remotely ensure your home is secure. You left the house and are not sure if you locked the door.
                    NO PROBLEM

Set the door to lock and arm the security system with one press on your smartphone.

             Total control and security.

Lighting Control

The lighting control feature can be used to illuminate perimeter lights if the alarm sounds. Create a lighted pathway when you enter the home or even ensure the light turn off automatically when a room is vacant for a period of time.

Programing scenes for lighting that follow your home routine will always give your home the lived-in look thus lessening the chances of burglars know you are not home.