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Palladium Monitoring Services

If you are looking tor interactive services that will allow you to control your home, Palladium Interactive Services can assist you in designing a solution that fits your needs. 

7 Locations Across Canada

Palladium Security 7 separate Authorized Stations that are always operating as one station. Located across Canada, these six stations are each capable of operating in a stand-alone mode, or as is normally the case, as part of our inter-connected network.

e-mail notifications

Our e-mail notification service will allow specified users to receive alerts from our station. These alerts can be custom set to send alarms only, opening or closing and trouble conditions. So you are always in touch with your home or business.

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Self Maintained Client Portal

Palladium security has integrated two portals to help its customers communicate with us and to also offer a convenient way of updating and viewing your security response contacts. All your false alarm policies, user manuals are all stored in this location. 

Multicultural Monitoring service

We recognize that Canada is a mutilcultural country and some of our clients are more comfortable speaking in their home language 

Please reach out to us and see if your native language is offer through our services

Private Guard Responce 

Palladium Security has RSPNDR guard service as our primary Private Guard Responce Company. 

Thir unique dispatch and trackins system allows us to ensure the fastes response possible*

7 Locations Across Canada

Palladium Security Authorized Stations Operate in 7 separate monitoring stations that are linked together at all times. Located across Canada, these severn stations are each capable of operating in stand-alone mode, or as is normally the case, as part of our inter-connected network

Instant e-mail notifications

Our email notification service is available to both commercal and residential clients.  We offer various levels of notifications that will allow you to know everything from alarms, troubles, or when someone turns on or off the alarm system.  This feature has been well recieved by small business managers so they know their business is opening and closing on time.  Working parents love this feature becasue they will always know when their children get home from shcool. 

Self Maintained Client Portal

Our new Self Maintained Client Portal was designed to integrate two sepertate services into one online experience. This service will allow you to register your account online. The features wil include

* Service Call Requests wtih online bookings
* Secuere emails to our office. This will allow to send us requested updates like passwords or vacation schedules through a secue medium.
* Document Communications. We will store your user manual, service contract, police false alarm policies in one location. Never look for these again
* Link to our online payment page.
* Login to our monitoring station to see your contact list and station activity
Palladium Security offers this free service to all our clients. We beleive that using the online service wil help create a simple interation with our clients from anywhere in the world. 

Multicultural Monitoring service

Providing service in both of Canada’s official languages has always been part of the Palladium Standard. In addition, service for those who speak Cantonese/Mandarin is available. Since many of our operators are from ethnic backgrounds, other languages such as Greek, Arabic, Hebrew and others can often be served as well.