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Business Solutions

If you currentlly have a sercurity systems and are looking to have in serviced or add any of our services to it, We can help.  


ULC Monitoring Services

Palladium Security Authorized Stations Operate in 6 separate locations that are always linked together. Located across Canada, these six stations are each capable of operating in a stand-alone mode or as is normally the case, as part of our inter-connected network.

Security Solutions for
your Business

Our business packages can be built to suite any size of establishment. We use both Paradox and DSC thus allowing us to ensure that your needs are met.

Our business packages can include basic security intrusion such as employee door, customer door and interior motions all the way to fully integrated intrusion security with card access and video capture.

Camera Systems

A full range of cameras can be added to any business security solution. Depending on our client’s needs. We can add a basic 4 camera system to cover simple entrance points or we can offer an expanded fully networked camera system that will allow for remote video alarm verification and access card verification.

Access Control Systems

Access to your business may require a bit more than just a key. Our business access system can be fully integrated into most existing alarm systems.

The Palladium Integrated package is built with a security and access system tied together. This combined with our email verification system will give any business the complete control of granting access only to those that require it.