ULC - 24/7 Monitoring Services for Burlgary & Fire

Security Monitoring for your home or business...

Monitored alarm systems provide 24-hour and 7-day-a-week surveillance whether you are on the premise or away. Typically all alarm systems monitor premises for unauthorized intrusions but a premises can be monitored for a number of other conditions as well. A temperature decrease, sump pump failure, and smoke or carbon monoxide presence, are just some of the conditions that an alarm system detects in an effective and timely way. What better way to give you peace of mind!

Palladium Security has partnered with a ULC (Underwriters' Laboratories of Canada) listed monitoring station and monitors homes and businesses across North America.

The personal touch...
Palladium takes a personal interest in you – your person, your property and your assets – because we, too, want to keep the city or town we share with you as safe as possible from crime. The more homes that are protected by a monitored security system, the safer that neighborhood will be.

Make sure the company you select to install your system has your security needs as its first priority.



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