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Residential Security Systems
Existing Installations

If you currentlly have a sercurity systems and are looking to have in serviced or add any of our services to it, We can help.  

If you are considering a new security system for your home for the first time, you can be rest assured that Palladium will put its 27 years of security industry experience to work for you. Palladium offers the latest in security system technology and you can take advantage of the savings and bundles offered exclusively through Palladium Security.

Customized Security Solutions to Meet Your Specific Requirements.

At Palladium, our goal is to ensure that we deliver exactly the kind of security for your home that will meet your specific needs. We recognize that no two homes are the same and every home owner has different expectations of what they would like their security system to do for their families.

A security expert will arrange a convenient time to visit your premises to do a complete security analysis to address any specific challenges that need to be addressed as well as to access your specific security requirements for your family.

We will then provide you with a written customized and detailed proposal outlining all our recommendations and options including the type of security system, number of sensors, door contacts, monitoring, keypads, etc. along with optional upgrades to further enhance your security protection.

To get started with a FREE complimentary security analysis of your home, give us a call or fill in our convenient form and our security expert will contact you to arrange a time. Click here to contact us! Give us a call and start saving!