Business Secure Bundle

                                              If it is only security that you are interested in at this time, no problem…we have you covered!

Start with a complete Security Analysis followed with bundled security options to provide your business with a higher level of security at low cost!

No two business are exactly the same and we will take the time to conduct a thorough and detailed analysis of your premises along with recommendations and solutions to ensure that every potential security risk and consideration is addressed.

If you already have a security system in place, our analysis will also take into consideration whether that existing system can be upgraded (if required) to ensure that you continue to have a proper working security system that is appropriate for the level of security you wish to implement for your business. Our analysis/recommendations also include:

- Test all door, window, and motion sensors to ensure that they are all in proper working order
- 24/7 Security Monitoring Services
- Other monitoring options (if applicable) for smoke, temperature, flooding, etc.
- Video monitoring options that offers 24/7 remote monitoring – verified security breaches ensure higher response priority by police
- Back-up communication options to provide a greater peace of mind for yourself and employees
- Door access control systems for secure areas (if applicable)
- Video Cameras (internal & external)
- Parking lot security options (if applicable)
- Security guard options
- Recommendations for any security challenge that is unique to your business

Our bundled pricing is designed to ensure the most economical pricing for the various components and services that you have selected to provide you with a substantial savings.

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Secure - Telecom Bundle


                   Say good-bye to expensive business phone services and long distance calling!

This is where we start to literally save you a bundle!

Through our sister company Neptuntel Communications, we are thrilled to offer our customers the opportunity to bundle telephone and internet services along with your security services to really cut your monthly costs!

Phone Services
Many of our customers are saving $1,000’s every year by simply dropping most of their expensive phone lines and connecting with their customers and staff from other locations with our low cost phone services which include Canada-Wide and/or Canada-USA long distance calling at no additional cost!

No more long distance charges!
Long distance charges can really add up if you have employees and cusomters in multiple locations in different area codes. When enrolling in this bundle, your business locations are automatically interconnected via our network and eliminates all long distance calling between all locations.  Furthermore, you can call your cusomters anytime with no additional long distance charges no matter where they are located throughout North America. *

Eliminate the impersonal 1-800 phone lines & provide that local feel for your customers!
If your customers are scattered around the country, we can even set you up with a variety of local numbers  and area codes.  This gives your current and potential new customers the comfort of feeling like they are dealing with a local business where they can easily contact you directly from their home, business, or mobile phones. 

Internet Services
Enjoy the reliability and speed of both cable and DSL – Fiber services that you enjoy now…only at a lower price!
No matter which of the services you currently use, we can provide you with the same exact services at reduced costs from the same leading internet service providers you are using now!  The same service at a lower cost when you enroll in a Palladium’s business bundle.

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*Some locations in continental USA not available.

Total Business Solution


                            Protect your business...Save on monthly costs...Grow your business

Eclusively available from Palladium Security

Enroll in the Total Business Solution bundle and we’ll get you on your way to the next level beyond just securing your business!

In addition to implementing a customized high-tech security package that is right for your business, this bundled package will cut your monthly communication costs and enhance your company’s online presence and visibility with our in-house marketing services. Many of our customers are enjoying thousands of dollars in savings every year with the addition of our telephone, internet, and marketing services while driving more customers to their businesses!

In fact, the savings alone often cover the monthly costs of a new security monitoring & telephone services!

What is it?
The Total Business Solution Bundle is a comprehensive suite of security, communications, and business services that every business needs and pays for each month through various providers resulting in multiple high monthly charges from multiple suppliers.

In addition to our security services, Palladium’s partners also own interest in several sister companies offering various services such as telephone and internet service, website design and hosting, promotional video development, and marketing consulting services.

It only makes perfect sense that we combine all of these services into one bundled package to provides our clients with a series of high-end services along with a substantial savings…all in one convenient monthly invoice.

                                             And the Total Business Solution was born!

How does it work?   We have a simple 3-step process:

It starts with a simple phone call or email to set-up an appointment for one of our security experts to visit your business to conduct a thorough security analysis of your premises, your existing security system and peripherals, and guide you through a checklist of questions to gain a complete understanding of your specific security related requirements.

Our security expert will assess your communication requirements and provide details regarding our phone and internet services.

Our in-house marketing expert will then contact you to explain the various marketing services available and to assess what your objectives are with respect to your online presence such as your website, social media, promotional materials and video development.
Visit our sister company websites to learn more about the marketing services available: -             Marketing & Ssocial media consulting -       Website design  -  Promotional video development

We will then provide you with a complete proposal addressing the services that you are interested in as well as outline the one-time costs and fixed monthly costs that will be billed on one convenient monthly invoice.

Upon acceptance of our proposal, we will set-up a time for installation/programming of the various components and the implementation of the various services.

How do bundled services save money for my business?
Bundled services were created specifically to save you money. Many businesses that offer multiple products/services utilize bundled pricing to by leveraging the individual costs to deliver a suite of services at a lower price for customers.

Security Monitoring
We have a 23-year track record in the security industry that has enabled us to secure outstanding pricing via our ULC monitoring stations which we gladly pass on savings to our clients.

Internet Service
Our cable/DSL fiber internet services are delivered via the same extensive and reliable infrastructure that you are currently using. We have negotiated and contracted out with the major Canadian carriers to deliver that service to our clients at a reduced cost when bundled with our other services.

Phone Service
Our IP based or VoIP flat rate phone service works via the internet service at a substantially reduced monthly charge, eliminates long distance calling, and includes all free features including voicemail, call display, call forwarding, etc.

Marketing Services
Our sister companies specialize in delivering professional and economical marketing solutions to its clients. When combined in a bundled package, our clients will enjoy greater savings that could result in thousands of dollars for your marketing requirements alone!

In fact, once you enroll, we’ll develop and deliver a professional quality video promoting your business up to a minute long at NO CHARGE that you can use in any way you wish! Take a look at a demo video by clicking the video image at the top of this page.

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Free Security Analysis of your Business

Call us to set-up an appointment with one of our security experts who will:

- Perform a thorough security analysis of your premises
- Address any specific requirements or security concerns you may have
- Explain the various security options available that best suite your needs
- Review the bundled programs available and how they can potentially save you thousands of dollars per year
- Put you in touch with the our marketing expert (if applicable) who will explain the various options available to help you enhance your online
presence and drive more business through your doors.

or call...647-847-1007 or 905-522-2007

Get a FREE Video Commercial for your business when you enroll in our Total Business Solution Bundle