Entertainment Bundle

The current Smart Home solutions we all are using to make our lives easier all start with the backbone of a reliable internet service.   The smart home security integration for lighting, doorbells, lights and alarm communications all require a solid backbone internet service to work seamlessly and efficiently.  

Complete Home Solutions

Palladium Security is now offering a complete Smart Home Entertainment Solution that includes home control, internet TV and home phone. 

Internet for work and play

Our new Smart Home Services now include internet services that will allow you to work hard and play hard with data that never stops. 

Digital Television Services

Digital television services will give you all the channels you require to keep you and your family entertained during these times of COVID-19.  You can enjoy all the news, sports and movies you need to 

Home Phone

Home phone numbers are usually something that has been attached to your family for years. This is why we can have you keep your existing number and bundle it in our Security & Entertainment offering.

Our home phone will have all the features you expect. Clear reliable calling. 911 emergency, call forwarding, call Display, voice mail and more.

Why keep a home phone, Simple, The cost of our bundled service will allow you to keep the number that all your friends and family have to contact you, plus - the number that is associated with you with many other contacts such as kids schools, utilities.  

Complete Home Bundle

Our complete bundle will allow you to have all services you need to protect your home while enjoying all activities. 

Our Smart Home solutions will bring the best Z Wave technology to your google home or Amazon Alexa speakers. The ease of using our integrated products will bring a new level of home control to your home. Just say Alexa - Good Night,

The security System will arm in stay mode
The door will lock
the lights will go off automatically when you get to your bed.

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