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Finding ways for teams and organizations to fund minor hockey has always been a challage.
Thats why Palladium Security Systems has created the Minor hockey funding program

Palladium Minor Hockey Fund

The Palladium Minor Hockey Fund was created to help hockey organizations from house league to AAA levels develop and roster players that may not have the resources to enroll in the league thus giving them a chance to play the game we all love.

The owner of Palladium has been involved with minor hockey since his kids started playing the game at the age of seven. The cost of registration and equipment the first couple of years was about $700 a season. This included the registration fees and the hockey kits of equipment that was purchased from Canadian Tire. Once the kids advanced past the novice years and they started to progress to A-AA and AAA level teams, the cost of being in the game grew at a remarkable rate. The $700 fee in novice was the cost of just skates and a stick at the AAA level.  At the beginning of each new hockey season, minor hockey associations across the province struggle to source funding and sponsorships to help financially support their respective hockey programs with the goal of keeping costs at an affordable level to maximize player registrations and participation.

At Palladium, we believe that minor hockey is an integral part of hundreds of communities across the province.  It brings structure, new friends and life long aquantances to the players thus no child should be left behind no matter what level they play because of affordability.

However, the reality is that the cost of participation for many families is a factor while the cost of enrolling their children in hockey programs remains on a continuous upward trajectory year-after-year. As a result, the annual effort for teams to raise the required funding and sponsorships continues to be an increasingly difficult task while yielding mixed results.

In each case, the proceeds collected from the various fundraising and sponsorship activities are based on a one-time payout with the expectation of having to repeat similar activities year-after-year.

However, the reality is that the money raised does very little to help lower registration costs while many families are unable to cover the cost of enrolling their children in addition to other costs such as hockey equipment. This affordability factor is significantly magnified for families with multiple children.

While growing up in the downtown core and seeing kids that had natural athletic abilities. These kids never had the opportunity to join organized sports due to financial restraints. I questioned, How many of these kids could have been the next Gretzky, Lemieux, Coffee or Dryden

There are always challenges when it comes to raising money for minor hockey in our communities. From house league to AAA Rep hockey, the cost of the sport can set a team back almost $80 000 or more for one season. The cost to the parent can range from $1500 to $6000 per season depending on the level and fund raising available. These fees can start at the house league level from $700 a season, AAA Rep Parents can expect to pay as much as $7000.00 a season and higher. This may not include equipment and travel costs

This is why we developed the Palladium Security Minor Hockey Fund. Organizations that take part in the program can build a fund over time. They may use the funds in various ways

• Funding house league teams  to pay for ice time

• Fund development time for contract coaching

• Help families with enrolment costs

• Help families with equipment or travel costs

• A coach may have identified a gifted athlete in the community or house league level that can not afford to play rep hockey but would if given a chance. The fund can help finance their roster spot or equipment.

Giving a young athlete a chance to participate and succeed and a higher level can change their life. Giving a team the funds to improve the development of the players through training or better equipment can make a difference in possibly developing the next one..

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How does the Palladium
Hockey Fund
Work ?

Minor Hockey Organizations can easily participate in this program by simply enrolling then offering the services we provide to their community.

Once Palladium has the organization registered into the program, we will create a profile for them and donate a portion of the fees back to the organization on specific dates. These fees will be held by the organization and used by teams or individuals that show the need for the funds.

We realized early on that traveling to other hockey centers across our region was part of competing in this game. From local travel in the select level to distant travel for the rep level. During these games, a family can be away from their home for 3 – 6 hours at a time, many times a week. who is protecting your home? Who is making sure you locked your door? Are your lights on at home to make it seem that your home?

This program will offer services from basic security to smart home integration to everyone in the organization at a competitive rate. Having these services will allow you to have peace of mind knowing your home is secure while cheering on your team. If you’re not sure what if going on at home, use our smart home integration to securely view what is going on. Simple and secure

A portion of the fees collected from these services will be help by Palladium in trust. The funds will be released to the ogranization at an agreed date then the funds will be distributed as needed.