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Finding ways for teams and organizations to fund minor hockey has always been a challage.
Thats why Palladium Security Systems has created the Minor hockey funding program

Palladium Minor Hockey Fund

There is no fee for organizations to join this program. The only criteria that Palladium Security has is that you must be a community association that offers either house league or representative hockey programmes with skills development.

Minor Hockey Organizations can easily participate in this program by simply filing in the form on this page. Once we receive your application, we will contact your organization to ensure you meet our criteria.

Once Palladium has the organization registered into the program, we will create a profile for them on our hockey portal website. This portal will allow us to register participants into the program.

Palladium Security will offer all association members services and products at a special association rate. Once the member enrolls in the service, we will donate a portion of the fees back to the organization. These fees will be held by the organization and used by teams or individuals that show the need for the funds.

How does the funding work?

Organization Offers Program

No charge to Join.  Portal Supplied

The minor hockey organization enrolls into the program and offers the services to all its members. An organization portal will be created to allow services to be offered to members.

Members Participate 
in Funding Program

Organization members sign up for services. Palladium Security will offer services from basic home/business security to home automated systems. A portion of the monthly fees will be calculated and donated back to the association.

Organizations Fund Teams and Players

Shutout Intruders - Fund Minor Hockey

Palladium Security will donate the amount raised by the members to the organization. The services provided by Palladium will give members piece of mind that their home is protected while they attend the games and practices. The players will be funded for training and enrollment fees to help them play the game