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Security Solutions for any business can be complex. The risk factors associated with securing a business goes much further then simply installing a security system to prevent intrusions.

Palladium Security understands that every business requires a customized security solution that meets the unique requirements of their business.

Following an in depth review of the business premises along with an understanding of the security related expectations of each specific business, Palladium will provide the business owner with a selection of options/solutions to meet those expectations.

Our security solutions can be as simple as installation of a perimeter protection to a more advanced integrated solution that encompasses security, access control, closed circuit video,communications and automation. 

Commercial Grade Systems

When you are looking for a business solution, integrating systems like access control, security and alarm verification and verified video into one interactive solution will allow your business to increase the protection of your assets

DSC Power Series PRO: A Powerful New System for Businesses of All Sizes

Introducing Power Series Pro, The commercial-grade security system that takes wireless where it is never gone before. Families and small businesses have long turned to Power Series to protect their properties; and now medium to large businesses can too. With cyber protection features and long-range wireless communication capabilities,

Power Series Pro is the only intrusion security panel that can handle large installations – such as warehouses, office buildings, factories, and healthcare facilities – while eliminating the need for wires on sensors or keypads

Paradox EVO 192:
The Digiplex EVO192 is a security and access control system with 8 on-board zones that is expandable 192 zones via zone expanders. The EVO control panel features up to 999 users, 8 partitions, 32 doors and can support up to 254 modules in any combination

For maximum security, Paradox EVO192 protects your home or business, . Your security professional can help you decide how much of that security is necessary depending on your individual space and requirements. Plus, you can always start small and expand your security as your needs grow.
With EVO adding to your security is simple: 

Business Communications: High Speed Internet with full service phone
In addition to our security services, Palladium Security can bring communication services to your business and bundle them into our complete package.  This solution is designed to help our clients get the best designed company infrastructure at a cost they can afford.  

We will look at what your needs are for security and then add the communications package to ensure you have the capacity to securely run your cameras, phones and internet without making your system lag.  

Full Integrated Keypads

The EVO keypad offers and fully unique integration system that will allow the keypad to act as an access control reader and bi-directional wireless control

Access Control

Adding Access control to your business will give more control of movement within the building.

This addition will keep clients out of employee only areas

Video Motion Verification

The HD78F Event-Driven Indoor Security IP Camera/High Grade Security Detector, provides video/audio/detection solution for Paradox security systems.

Video Access system

Addition of a video access system with the reality of COVID 19 can ensure both your employees and clients may enter into your building when they follow mask and temperature guidelines

Integrated Full LCD Keypad: The EVO full LCD keypad offers options that all clients love in one location. This keypad allows business administrators to select and control up-to 8 different sections of the protected building with designated employees having access to section.

In addition to having a full function keypad at one location, This unit can also have access control reader and wireless transceiver built in. Thus lowering equipment costs. This multi integrated unit will also save real estate on your wall because you will no longer require separate readers by the doorways

- Zone alarm display: the zones in alarm are shown until the system is disarmed
- Simplified end-user remote control programming
- Supports DGP-848, EVO96, EVO48 and EVO192
- 32-character blue LCD with programmable labels
Available in
- Bulgarian, Croatian, Czech, Dutch, English, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish, and Turkish Assign to one or more partitions

- 1 addressable zone and 1 PGM output
- Independently set chime zones
- 14 one-touch action buttons
- 3 keypad-activated panic alarms
- Adjustable back-light, contrast and scroll speed
- Display time using the 12 hr or 24 hr format
- Built-in card reader. Just present access card directly to the keypad module
- Grant access via card and/or access code
- Arm and disarm with a card
- Door contact and request for exit inputs
- Door lock output
- Programmable automatic unlocking schedule
- Door Left Open and Door Forced Open alarms
- Assign to one or more partitions

Integration Systems: A standard security system will detect intrusion attempts to your business.

- Full Off-Line functionality
- Fast access processing of up to 999 users
- Transformer Sharing: Use one transformer to power multiple modules that have this feature -
- Grant access via card and/or panel access code with the R915
- Arm with card and pin with the R915
- Connections for 1 door (card reader, REX, door contact and lock output)
- Connect only 4 wires between the reader and ACM12 module when using a R910 or a R915  reader
- In-field firmware upgrade-able via CONV4USB and WinLoad
- Automatic unlocking schedule
- Door Left Open and Door Forced Open options
- Door unlock and extended delay timers
- Unlock door manually with button or PGM event
- Unlock Door On Fire Alarm option
- Built-in supervised 1.5A switching power supply
- Push button to activate or deactivate the Auxiliary output
- Supports 4-wire and 26-bit Wiegand card readers
- Fits in a 20cm x 25.5cm x 7.6cm (8in x 10in x 3in) metal box

VIdeo Verification
The HD78F Event-Driven Indoor Security IP Camera/High Grade Security Detector, provides video/audio/detection solution for Paradox security systems.

The HD78F provides day/night vision at 720P and Hi-Fi audio recording, with 40 minutes of internal event-recording capacity and 20 minutes for alarm events.

The HD78F records alarm events, sends pictures to the Central Monitoring Station (CMS) and to users. It allows permitted users to open online audio/video streaming at 720P quality. Programmed, installed and managed via Insite GOLD, it stores files in the application once played, or on Google Drive.

Paradox DNS service provides site access 24/7. Paradox HD78F can livestream videos on a local system like CCTV cameras; also, any site camera can be used without participating in alarm functions.

Privacy is managed by the Master with the Block Access feature. As well, the CMS will be able to access online video streaming limited to 15 minutes after an alarm event.

The HD78F is easily and quickly programmed via the Paradox Insite GOLD free smartphone application. Video events and push notifications are delivered to the user's smartphone; In addition, cameras can be accessed for Video on Demand via the application..

- Security Event-Driven - Files linked to events
- Wi-Fi / Ethernet
- Remote access via Insite GOLD application and Swan Service
- Google Drive cloud storage with no after-purchase charges
- 720P color streaming (HD264), HD audio
- Internal storage: 66 minutes alarm and Record on Trigger (ROT), and 66 minutes Record on       Demand (ROD)
- Free Insite GOLD application
- Easy installation and programming, viewing, arm / disarm / access and PGM activation
- Auto storage on Insite GOLD when playing video files
- Pre-alarm -4 sec. recording
- Push notifications
- Built-in Security Grade Quad PIR detector
- Night Illumination IR LEDs
- Compatible with EVO series, MG5075, SP5500, SP6000 and SP7000 


- Stand-alone facial terminal with 8 inch LCD screen
- Support IR high-accuracy body temperature measurement
- Successful facial recognition even with mask on face
- Different door unlock modes: facial recognition, no-mask detection, fever detection or their combination
- Trigger alarm when abnormal body temperature and no mask are detected
- Support likeness detection, avoiding picture and video cheating
- Deep learning algorithm, high face recognition accuracy rate
- Special cameras for face recognition, dramatically enhance recognition rate in the back light environment
- Support tamper alarm

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